A Stand Out Website For Popular Pet Carers, Pet Checkers

Project Background

Pet Checkers is one of Lincoln’s most popular pet care companies. The business was founded in 2013 and has experienced phenomenal growth over the last few years.

Pet Checkers owner, Vicki, recognised early on the importance of having a professional website. The pet care industry is dominated by websites that have been built by single person businesses. As a result, they look dated, very amateurish and lack that professional feel.

This presented a massive opportunity for Pet Checkers.

A well designed, well-structured website would set them apart from every other pet care company in Lincoln, generating leads and revenue.

The Process

During our discovery phase, we sat down with Vicki to get an understanding of why she started the business, who her ideal customer was, what her plans were for the business and what problems she was experiencing.

We also looked at other pet care companies. We looked through reviews, news stories and which companies were being recommended in the local area. We even became a customer to get a feel for the frame of mind a person is in when looking for a company to care for their pets.

The Story

As with 90% of the websites we design and build, we started off with the written content.

During the discovery phase, it became clear that trust is a huge factor for people when choosing a pet carer. Pets are increasingly seen as part of the family dynamic so handing the care of a pet over to someone else isn’t an easy decision to make.

Fortunately, Vicki’s reasons for starting the business were perfect for the company’s ‘About Us’ page and helped to build that all important trust.

During our time with Vicki, we paid close attention to the language she used, and the language her customers used when people talking about their pets.

Words like ‘fuss’, ‘play’, ‘love’, ‘adventure’, were used in the reviews that Pet Checkers already had on Google and Facebook. We also noticed that these and other words were used in verbal conversations.

It would be these words we’d use in the sales copy on the website. It’s really important to talk you your customers and potential customers in their language to create an emotional connection. As a result, we chose to use a friendly and caring tone of voice.

The Design

We wanted the design for Pet Checkers website to support the written content.

Vicki had already had a beautiful logo created which gave us a colour scheme to work with. As the colours in the logo are really bright, we chose to use them sparingly.

Instead, to help reinforce the trust and create a feeling of fun and love, we chose to use photographs of the staff interacting and having fun with real pets.

And to make the content easy to consume, we used plenty of white space.

The end result is a website that not only creates trust, but it captures the imaginations and excites potential customers and ultimately converts visitors into leads and revenue.

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