A Brand New Website For Paralympic Hero, Micky Yule

Project Background

Micky Yule lost both of his legs in Afghanistan after stepping on an IED in 2010. In September 2014 he won powerlifting Gold at the inaugural Invictus Games and holds the British Powerlifting record. He’s also a public speaker, inspiring thousands of people with his story.

We were approached by Micky in 2015 to build a brand new website that would do 3 things;

  1. Share his story with people and potential sponsors
  2. Increase his following on Instagram
  3. Have companies and organizations book him for speaking engagements

The Process

The thing that makes Micky Yule Special is his story.

From the shocking event of losing his legs to becoming one of the world’s elites in his chosen sport, Micky’s story is one of horror, heartbreak, pain, struggle, determination, success, and inspiration.

It only made sense that this story that should take center stage and the website design would support that story.

The Story

Micky’s story is a long one. He could write a book about his life but he wanted us to keep the story brief, yet compelling at the same time.

He would keep the gory details for his inspirational talks.

This presented the challenge of saying as much as we could in only a few words. To get only most important points, we asked him to tell his story in just 3 minutes while we recorded it. We also took notes from a video that Micky recorded with the National Lottery.

The end result was a brief, yet gripping story that explains what happened on that fateful day in 2010. How he has carved a successful sporting and speaking career out of tragedy.

The Design

The aim for Micky’s website was to keep the design as simple and as easy to use as possible.

And because the website only had 3 goals, we were able to keep the size down to just 5 main pages.

micky yule website

The Result

Micky’s website has been a huge success in raising his profile and personal brand. He is regularly asked to attend events and speak at them as well as taking bookings for TV appearances.

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