A New Look For Famous Lincoln Restaurant, Browns Pie Shop

Project Background

Browns Pie Shop is one of Lincoln’s most famous restaurants. Located on Steep Hill, it has a rich history and is also said to be haunted by a ghost named Humphrey.

We approached Browns and offered to help them after trying to book a table through their old website. The website they had at the time almost put us off booking a table and it was only because they were recommended that we did.

After telling them how we thought we could help, they agreed to a project.

The Brief

Re-Design their entire site to encourage more online reservations.

The Process

We sat down with the owners of Browns Pie Shop to get an understanding of their business and how their website worked in terms of how many online bookings they received.

The answer was, ‘Not a lot!’

The vast majority of their bookings came from the phone.

The main goal of the project was to increase the number of bookings that came through the website.

The shop itself has a rich history with many stories to tell. We felt this added to the atmosphere of the place so it was important to tell that story to further encourage bookings.

The Design

As a result of what we learned in our discovery phase, we chose to keep the homepage very simple. We used tile-driven navigation with high-quality images of the kinds of foods the restaurant serves to increase conversions.

We also wanted the website to ‘feel’ like the restaurant so we created chalkboard type menu pages, similar to those used in Browns Pie Shop.

The informational pages were kept very simple.

The Result

Since the launch of their new website, Browns are getting an average of 116 reservations through their website every month.

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