Using Advanced Technologies to Convert Even More Visitors into Leads, Sales and Revenue

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The purpose of a website is to deliver, tangible, measurable results for a business. Many websites have completely different goals, including;

  • Lead generation
  • Making sales directly off the page
  • Generating phone calls
  • Collecting email addresses, or
  • Encouraging contact form submissions

Conversion rate optimisation is the process of analysing, testing and improving the layout and functionality of your website to maximise conversions.

Why is this important?

  • It’s Essentially Free – Conversion rate optimisation means you capitalize on the visitors your website already has. You won’t have to spend more money on advertising to acquire more traffic.
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs – If you currently spend £10 to bring a customer into your business, doubling your conversion rate will halve that cost.
  • Maximise Profits – If you double your conversion rate and halve your customer acquisition costs, that saving is added to your bottom line. And so is the profit you make from those customers because they didn’t cost anything to acquire.
  • More Money to Spend on Marketing – When you make more profit it gives you more to spend on marketing to acquire even more customers.
  • Exponential Growth – The net result of reducing the cost to acquire a customer while simultaneously increasing profits creates a ‘turbo effect’ causing rapid growth in your business.

Advanced Technologies

Using advanced technologies like heat mapping, scroll mapping and screen session recording we can gather data and analyse how your visitors interact with your site to identify any friction and show us where your users might experience issues.

Using this data we can make changes to improve the user experience and convert even more of your visitors into leads, sales, and income.

How We Increase Website Conversions

No two CRO projects are ever the same. Different businesses have different goals which need a different kind of website.

However, this is high-level view of our process;

Install Technologies

Making improvements to your website is much easier when we understand how people use it. When we launch your site we will install softwares that measure traffic, where your visitors click (or not), how far they scroll down the page and conduct questionnaires.

Analyse the Data

With enough data we can see how your visitors use your website. Traffic measuring scripts show us how may visitors your site gets while click mapping, scroll mapping and session recording sofware shows us how vistitors use it or where issues occur.

Test Changes

Armed with the data we have gathered, we can see where your visitors click and don’t click, what they see and don’t see, and get a better understanding of why they leave your website. We then test changes and measure the impact they have.

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