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Customer Focussed Websites

For many businesses and digital agencies, websites are vanity projects designed to make the business owner feel good and give the agency another piece of art to add to their portfolio.

All too often the end user is forgotten about and the website completely fails to deliver any significant results.

That’s where we’re different.

Taking the knowledge we have gained from our discovery phase, we can design a website that represents your business but also serves your customers with engaging content and a seamless user experience.

Not Just Design

Good design is only part of the puzzle. In fact, it’s not even the most important part.

The content on your website is vitally important to its success.

The words you use and the images which support those words almost never get thought about by traditional web designers. Yet it’s the words and images that educate, entertain, provoke thought and inspire a visitor to act.

Good design gives that content structure, making it easy for your visitors to consume your content, enabling them to make make a decision to buy your products, sign up for a subscription, or fill in a contact form.

How We Craft Winning Websites

There are several stages in designing and building a website that works for your business. This is our process;

Start With Words

All of our web design projects start with words. We get inside the mind of your ideal clients to understand their needs, problems, and desires. We’ll educate and inform  them, inspiring them to do business with you in a language they’re familiar with.

Wire Frame Design

Once we have written the sales copy we’ll work out how to deliver it in an engaging and user-friendly way. We use pen and paper to create basic page structures and customer flows, designed to encourage users to take the actions you want them to take.

Graphic Design

At this point, you’ll really get a feel for how your new website will look. Using the wireframe concepts we’ll create visual designs for key pages, taking into account your brand guidelines to create continuity between your online and offline presence.

Website Development

Once you’re happy with the design we will get to work on its development, creating a living, functioning website. We’ll make sure it’s optimised and performing well and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to review how it looks, feels and works.

User Testing

The most successful websites are intuitive and user-friendly. We’ll run user tests and give people specific tasks to complete and monitor how they interact with the website, highlighting any issues or glitches that may affect its performance.


An exciting day for our clients! Once we have gathered data from our user tests and fixed any bugs or usability issues, we will launch your website by installing it on your domain using a hosting company or package of your choice.

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